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The St. Peter Canisius International Catholic Parish (STPCICP) or originally known as the Expatriate Parish of Jakarta, has been in existence for over 50 years. As a categorical parish that provides pastoral care to the international catholic community residing in the Greater Jakarta area, STPCICP does not have a physical and territorial church base, and over the years has alternately attached itself to a number of territorial parishes.

For the past 14 years since 2003, STPCICP has been conducting its English liturgy services at the Church of St. Theresia, Menteng and at Canisius College Chapel under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with respective organizations. The Archdiocese of Jakarta has also always been a party to these MOUs and their subsequent renewals, as represented and signed by Vicar General Soebagyo.

The prevailing MOU agreement with the St. Theresia Parish (STTP), and acknowledged by the Archdiocese, has expired as of 31 May 2016. However, the various attempts made since last year to extend the agreement have been challenging; hence, currently only pending partial consensus has been achieved between STPCICP & STTP. This matter was subsequently brought up to the attention of the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Jakarta who requested various data be compiled, thus this report is assembled.

The STPCICP Council members profoundly and sincerely hope that the following report would enable the Archdiocese of Jakarta to be able to provide guidance and support in coming up with the best solution. STPCICP only wishes to be able to continue providing the best place and services, for its congregation to worship God and to celebrate sacraments with peace and profundity. Regardless of gender, race, motive for service attendance, STPCICP congregation of a typical weekend averages to 2,500 plus, with feast days exceeding 3,500 churchgoers. In 2016 YTD, STPCICP has recorded and registered 1,385 Sacraments of Baptism; 2,263 Sacraments of First Holy Communion; 1,321 Sacraments of Confirmation, and 329 Sacraments of Matrimony.

History of STPCICP

The most important objective in redefining or affirming a shared vision is the process of developing a “sense of destiny” together which all parties can recognize as its own. One of the most effective ways would be to go back to its “sense of purpose” or the reason to exist, when STPCICP was first established.

Early 1960s

The ministry for expatriates in Jakarta began in 1963 – 1964 when Fr. Joannes Burgers, SJ worked as a teacher in Canisius College in Menteng, Jakarta. He conducted liturgical services in English, and when Pope Paul VI promulgated the Document Sacrosanctum Concilium in 4 December 1963, Fr. Burgers had already put together an English Mass booklet for the expatriate community. Socrosanctum Concilium, which places the importance of greater participation of laity in liturgy, allowed and encouraged greater use of the vernacular (native language) in addition to Latin, particularly for the biblical readings and other prayers. As bishops determined, local or national customs could be cautiously incorporated into the liturgy. Thus, an expatriate community of Catholics began to form in Jakarta.

In 1966, Fr. Burgers moved to St. John the Evangelist Parish on Jl. Melawai in Blok B, Kebayoran, where he was assigned as a parish priest from 1966 – 1968 before returning to Netherlands in 1969. He continued to conduct English-speaking Masses as well as ministering to the expatriate community.

1970s - 1990s

After Fr. Burgers left, Fr. Laurentius van der Werf continued the expat ministry as a parish priest in Blok B in 1972 – 1997. Meanwhile, Fr. Mark Fortner, S.C.J.  also ministered the English liturgy for the expatriate community in St. Stefanus Church, Cilandak.

In 1980, Fr. Robert R. Lefebvre, MM. consolidated the ministry to the expats in St. Peter Canisius Chapel, Menteng.  Fr. Lefebvre registered the first baptism in the book on 15 June 1981.

Fr. Bob Baines, MM. subsequently replaced Fr. Lefebvre in 1983.

In 1990, the Archdiocese of Jakarta officially assigned the ministry to the expats to the Society of Jesus with a Memorandum of Understanding under Fr. F d.v.d. Schueren, SJ as the parish priest. Since faith is very personal, the Archdiocese considered it as important to provide the means of expressing faith in a language with which we are familiar. Thus, the formation of an official categorical parish became an expression of hospitality to the expatriate Catholics who not only resided in Jakarta but also to those merely visiting.

When Canisius College underwent a massive renovation, the English liturgy was moved to the chapel on the 13th Floor of the Atma Jaya University on Jl. Jendral Sudirman. Fr. F. d.v.d. Schueren then stayed in the Jesuit community in the minor seminary of Wacana Bhakti, Pejaten, South Jakarta.

The expatriate community, under the name of the Archdiocese of Jakarta, then bought a house at Jl. Haji Ayub No 38, Pejaten Barat, as place of residence and office of the expatriate parish priest.

2000s - Present

In 2000, Fr. Siegfried Binzler SJ replaced Fr. Schueren as the expatriate parish priest. Fr. Binzler subsequently established a Parish Council to help him in managing the ministry.

In 2003, the liturgy service was moved from Atma Jaya to the Church of St. Theresia, Menteng for Saturday evening and Sunday morning Mass; and in Canisius College chapel for the Sunday evening Mass.

In 2004, Fr. Nico Dumais SJ replaced Fr. Binzler, while Fr. Ignatius Madya Utama SJ was appointed as assistant priest.

In 2013 Fr. Benedictus Bambang Triatmoko SJ was appointed as parish priest while Fr. Dumais became assistant priest, who was subsequently replaced by Fr. Thomas Hidya Tjaya SJ as assistant priest in in 2014 until present.

Over the course of STPCICP’s presence in St. Theresia Church, several other priests have been engaged in assisting with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and concelebrating of Masses, notably Fr. Carolus Veeger MSC (longest serving assistant priest since 1980-2014), as well as Fr. Jose Cobb CICM, Fr. Robert Suykens CICM (already repatriated to Belgium) Fr. Sylvester Asa CICM, and currently Fr. Chito A. Padilla SDB and Fr. John Mangke MSC.

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