YF July 2020 Summaries

07 July 2020
YF July 2020 Summaries

YF Action on 27 June with Nadia Clara (58 attendees) and YF Bible Study on 4 July with Fr. Kenny Ang (55 attendees)

These are the summary by Gabriel and Samuel:

YF Action " Created to Care" by Gabriel Patrick:

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as we enter the fourth month of staying home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Our parish conducts many activities using Internet Platform, one of them is YF Action on Saturday 27, June 2020. YF Action yesterday went smooth & lively, with 58 attendees & our speaker, Sis Nadia Clara presenting the topic “Created to Care”.
I was most interested in the Special Charismatic Gifts, which include: Gift of Giving, Gift of Teaching, and Gift of Leadership. Let’s explore the gifts we have and use them as best, starting with our own families and the environment around us.
We can start looking for our own Calcutta, which means look for people who need our help. Those who are hungry, poor and oppressed. Let us help each other with our own gift so they can see the Christ through us & our actions.
In Sharing Session,
David shared, “When we feel hopeless, angry or stressed, we have to believe that God is with us and that he can help us with our problems”.
Kae : “Fortitude helped me to solve friendship problem.”
Celine : “God chose Moses despite his weakness, made me more confident that I do have the gift to do something for others”.
Emily : “You can show care everyday by the simplest things”
Audric : “The gift of wisdom help me to love others more”.
Rock : “Know how to use your gifts, don’t waste it”
Cyna : “We serve others even just by turning on our camera in zoom meeting to appreciate the speaker who prepares the teaching for us”.
See you in the next gathering, God Bless.
By : Gabriel Patrick, G9, SMPN 261 Jakarta

YF Bible Study, " King David" summary by Samuel Widjanarko:

Greetings everyone, thank you all for attending this YF and for continuously maintaining a strong sense of community through activities such as this YF and the Novena prayer.

Today our speaker is Father Kenny Ang, who is speaking on the topic “Learning from KING DAVID”.

The very first thing that was addressed was our appearance. We are taught not to judge people based on their outer appearance. However, it does not mean that we simply should abandon the need to look presentable. This is to show a sign of respect, which is perhaps one reason we are required to wear appropriate clothing when attending mass. This is one thing that stood out to me.

Father Kenny mentions how King David willingly accepts his role when he is chosen to be the King by God. Due to the fact that David is the youngest out of all his brothers, it is only natural that he is looked down on and deemed unworthy. However, despite all this he accepts his role and moves forward.

Moreover, Father Kenny mentions three things about King David: that he is a shepherd , fighter and singer. In being a shepherd, this shows that King David is humble and still tends to his duties. Being a fighter is nothing new to King David, as throughout his reign as King it is his duty to protect his Kingdom, as seen exemplified in his fight with Goliath. Lastly, King David continuously praises God through songs despite having countless duties as a King. The book of Psalms is one example of King David’s non-stop praise for God. These 3 characteristics are ones that we should learn from King David and aspire to be like him.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone involved in preparing this YF and once again to everyone who attended.

*Samuel Widjanarko*

G10, SPH

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