YF Action 18 July 2020

29 July 2020
YF Action 18 July 2020

Joyful and Inspiring YF Action had about 65 attendees on saturday 18th July 2020 at 1:00 - 2:30pm.

Important Lesson from prophet Daniel. Bravo ????

Here is the great summary by Clarissa Himawan:

In this YF session, we were blessed to have Father Angga who brought up a topic about being responsible. Prophet Daniel was used as an example. Daniel was known as a very faithful man toward God, even through the toughest hardships and various temptations. Everything he did was always dedicated to God, and whenever he needed help, he would seek God first.

Father Angga mentioned how there are very many earthly temptations that often put our faith to the test. A lot of them are especially difficult to refrain from. Of course, if they were easy to overcome, they wouldn't be considered as temptations. Just as Daniel prayed to God whenever he was in need of help, we too should always pray, because by praying, we will get the answers we need.

The next point about Daniel was education. Besides being very faithful, Daniel was also talented and well educated. Relating it to our situation, many of the millennial generation today take education for granted. Father Angga therefore advised that we should start being more grateful towards the opportunities we are given. Being grateful makes life easier and lighter, and it affects the way we make decisions in life. By being grateful for what we have we will become responsible.

Lastly, Daniel was also known for having a good heart. He always saw the good side of people and believed that even the most troubled ones can have better days. We should learn from this; to try to accept everyone as who they are. We should also allow ourselves to approach God the way we are as this is a path to healing our soul.

In conclusion, just as being grateful leads us to be responsible, all these other characters also connect to being responsible. Escaping responsibility will only bring more regrets and uncertainties in the future. It may also waver our faith towards God. We should always do our best in life and confide in God whenever we are going through tough situations, as He will always be there for us.

Clarissa Himawan

Raffles Christian School (Kebon Jeruk), JC2

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